E-Commerce Website

An E-Commerce website for sellers and buyers where buyer can buy products of thier choices and sellers can sell thier products.


A Shift's Managment Tool

Shift Manager is a tool aimed to control the smooth flow of shifts for a company (auxiliul pvt ltd).



Dashboard is fully filled with diffrenent collections and categories of products. Following are the main features displayed on dashboard.
  • amazon products
  • Rakuten products
  • Amazon categories
  • Collections
  • New Arrivals


When an admin sign in by entering admin's email and password he/she can do the following actions. ADMIN can:
  • View Stats
  • Add Amazon Items
  • Add Rakuten items
  • Add Blogs


When buyers signed in with thier account they can go through the following actions:
  • View categories
  • View items
  • Can like items
  • Add item to cart
  • View checkout
  • Payment through stripe
  • Can give review
  • view rewiew


When vendor sign in by entering vendor's email and password he/she can do the following actions. Vendor can:
  • Add new item
  • Add new categories
  • DeActivate items or categories
  • view thier items

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